This is the travel blog of an average, middle-class, hard working but an ambitious working woman. I have extensively traveled in India and abroad with my friends, husband, family and all by myself. My current country count is 10 however, I have traveled extensively in India (as a result of living for 30 years in India) with my destination count upwards of 150.

Because I am also studying business and worked as a marketing and strategy consultant before, bear with me when you see influences from my work on my blog such as coverage on brands or more analytical and value-maximizing approach to travel planning and decision making. Raised in a small town, less developed state of India by middle-class parents, I spend every travel dollar very wisely and often look for ways to maximize my travel experiences by collecting extremely diverse and unique experiences during my journeys. Let me show you how!

Finally, if you feel we have similar travel interests and are planning to┬átravel to any of the places I have been to, I can offer travel consultation for a tiny fee on Dos and Dont’s so that you get the most out of your vacation.